Friday, 1 May 2009

Chapter 3 - Fleas? Fleas? What are fleas?

It was good fun that first day, except for one small incident.  It was just before T time and I was cuddled up on my mum’s knee.   She had been stroking me and saying sweet things.   All of a sudden I heard her say, “Oh no little one, it’s the vet’s for you, straight away before they close.”

The vets? What was that?.   I did not like the sound of it at all.   I went to look for Ty but he was sound asleep.   Then I felt mum’s hand close around me as she lifted me off the floor and said, “You’d best stay away from him while we get you sorted out.”   Oh no, what had I done?   I really liked it here and now she was taking me away.

I began to cry and shiver and felt very, very sad.   She held me close, telling me not to worry, all would be OK.   We went in the car again.

I do not like cars.   We went further this time and I’m afraid I was very sick.   I felt so miserable.   What had I done wrong?   Why did everyone hate me?   My mum still stroked me and said that everything was going to be OK – but why was she taking me away?   I loved that house, the people in it, and Ty, I wanted to stay there, everyone was kind.

She stopped the car, picked me up and I remember noticing that the building had a big bird on the outside wall.   What was happening?   I felt wretched!   We went inside and a lady behind a desk asked some questions and then said, “Well, you just caught us before we closed for the night.   Go straight in.”

Mum then took me into a much smaller room where there was a man and a table.   There were lots of unusual smells here that I did not recognise at all and I was not sure what to make of it.   Mum put me on the table and told the man (the vet) that she had just got me, that very day, and discovered fleas, nearly as big as me.   Fleas? Fleas? What are fleas?

The vet asked where she had got me from and when he heard her reply said, “Well, you can expect a few fleas round a farm.   We’ll soon get rid of them.   Put this on her neck, and your other dog, just in case.   Nothing to worry about.”

Mum got the stuff and put me back in the car.   Was I going home with her?   I thought so.  Wow – this truly had been the best day of my life (apart from the flea thing of course).

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