Monday, 1 June 2009

Chapter 4 - Treated like a Princess

The next few weeks saw me being treated like a princess, with saucers of milk, my own big bed and I was carried around in bags and pockets.   My mum took me everywhere with her and if I was tired she simply put me in her pocket.  It was great.   Also Ty showed me everything I needed to know and taught me how to behave properly and stay out of trouble.

My mum told everyone I was such a good dog and I actually felt quite proud of myself.   During this time I was not allowed to go out except if mum was carrying me.   From what she said I kind of understood that there could be germs around that would make me really ill if I came into contact with them.

We had to go to the vet’s again and he put some medicine inside me which would protect me from the germs.   We went when I was eight weeks old and again when I was 10 weeks old.   Then I waited another 2 weeks to be on the safe side before I was allowed out on a lead.

I was quite happy playing in the large garden.   I chased Ty and he chased me.   We had lots of toys and the people would play with us too.   Everyone was very kind.

It was a long hot summer and I remember one day feeling very confident and adventurous and sure of myself.   (A lot different to my first day).   I had a favourite place in the garden that sometimes provided shade to lay down in.   It was the stump of an old tree and it had roots like thick fingers that spread out in all directions.

The soil in between the roots was cool, black and crumbly and I liked to dig here and provide myself with a hollow between the roots, where I could just see out, but no-one could see me.

This particular day, I was heading off to my place amongst the roots when I heard something making a buzzing noise just to the right of my right ear.   Thinking it wanted to play, I snapped and caught it in my mouth.   “YELP  YELP  YELP  YELP” I screamed at the top of my voice.   “What was wrong with my mouth?”   My mouth felt like it was on fire and the pain was dreadful.

Mum had been talking with some friends when it happened and now she came flying towards me.   At first she could not understand what was wrong.   My face hurt so much and mum noticed that it was beginning to swell.   I was shivering, so she wrapped me in a blanket and I heard her say we were going to the vet’s.   That place again, but I did not care.

I was shaking and feeling ill.   By the time we got there I could barely stand and my mum seemed really worried about me.   We went into the room with the table.   He looked at my face and then said that I had an allergic reaction to something, probably a bee sting.   He took my temperature and then injected some strong medicine into me.   I felt better almost straight away and fell asleep on the way home.

I did not learn though.   My playful nature makes it very hard for me not to chase and play with anything that is moving and it was not long before the same thing happened again.  Gosh, those bee stings do hurt, especially on or around your mouth.   Ty does not bother with them, I suppose he knows not to do it, and I have now resolved to ignore them as best as I can!