Saturday, 1 August 2009

Chapter 6 - Loved by All

A week or so after the beach it was quite a cloudy day and I was sitting by the tree stump when Ty walked out into the garden.   I asked him if he wanted to play but he said he was busy, so I asked him what he was doing and he said that he had to go and bury the frisbee and then do some doggy business.

I trotted off into the house and sat and gnawed on my marrow bone next to the fire in my mum’s living room.  Leanne, Carla and Vicky (3 of mum’s daughters) came into the room.   I love them all very much as they are always kind and say that Ty and me are part of the family.   This makes me feel warm and proud inside.   They stroke me and play with me, giving me titbits of food when mum isn’t looking, as well as the odd bowl of milk.  They were talking about my mum going to a place called America, and I felt pleased about this because it meant a new adventure for me.   I had never been to America.

After I finished my daily nap I went out for a little wander around in the garden and there was Shauna playing at the bottom of the garden.   Shauna was like my second mummy she loved playing with me.

When she was off school we would play together and then we would snuggle up in her bed and take a nap.   We were playing tug o’war with a stick, which is one of my favourite games when I heard footsteps and the sound of the gate.   I ran up the path to find out what was happening and saw my mum through the holes in the gate.   She was doing something outside and I wanted to be out there with her.   I tried yelping to her, but she was not taking any notice.   I ran along the inside of the front fence seeking a way outside but there were not any gaps that I could squeeze through.

The gate was far too high for me to jump over so I had another idea.   Maybe, just maybe, I could squeeze underneath the gate and reach her that way.   Well, what an absolute disaster that turned out to be.   I got my nose under and pushed and pushed my head until I could go no further.   I was stuck but could not open my mouth to bark because my whole nose and mouth area was lodged tightly to one side between the gate and a bridge at the other side!   I could not back out either because my ears were stopping me.

What a predicament.   Mum did not know because she could not see me, nor could I yelp out to her.   To make matters worse my head was beginning to hurt and I started to panic, I could barely breathe.   It seemed like ages but then my mum came walking towards the gate.

When she saw me she instantly took action and shoved my head backwards really hard.   It did hurt, but at least I was free!   Mum cuddled and kissed me, checking me over.   She said I would be OK and that I did not need to go to the vets this time.   I was glad to go in and fall asleep, although my neck and face felt quite sore for a few days.