Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Chapter 2 - Meeting the Family

We did not travel far before the car stopped.   The lady picked me up and I just fitted into the palm of her hand.   She told me she was my new mummy and that she would look after me and we would be best friends.   She said I would now be meeting the rest of the people who lived in the house and must not be frightened.   Frightened?   I was terrified. So far in my short life, only the kind lady had liked me.

It was a hot summer’s day, and as we walked around the corner, people were sitting outside in the sun.   I tried to snuggle in as close as I could to my new mummy but she held me out for everyone to see and I heard someone say, “Oh my, she is beautiful.”   I did not think for a minute they meant me and completely forgot about the people when I saw the huge, giant of a dog just sitting with them.

He was watching me and crowded round with the people.   Everyone was asking to hold me, but my new mum said, “No, let her get used to one person at a time.   This is all very strange and scary for her.”

She let the giant dog sniff me while she kept me secure in her hand.   She told him I was still a baby and that he had to be very gentle with me. He was very, very friendly, wagging his tale and nudging me.   He said, “How can you be so small?   Are you going to live here?   You’re not like the last one, quite the opposite in fact. Don’t be frightened little one.   It’s great here.   Come on, wriggle around, she might put you down.”

Well, I did not know what to do.   Part of me wanted to be put down, but another part of me was deeply afraid.   Then the giant dog was jumping up and down, twirling round and sniffing me, really excited.   I heard my new mum say, “Don’t hurt her Ty, she is just a baby, be careful.”

Well, she did not want me to be hurt so that was something.   I wriggled around in her hand and she gently put me on the floor.   I darted between all the feet and went under a garden table.   The big dog put his nose down and began sniffing me everywhere.   “Where did you come from then little one?   You smell funny.   I can smell HER on you, but there are other smells too, some I don’t much care for.   Come out from under there because if I knock this table over they will probably shout at me. Come on now, stop being silly.   I’ll show you round a bit.   You are very, very little.   Stay close to me.”

So I came out from under the table and began to explore.   Ty kept pushing me over with his nose, and every time this happened I just lay on my back and let him know I was not a threat to him in any way.   Other people stroked me and wanted to pick me up but mum kept saying, “No, leave her alone and let her find her way round.”   I think I was going to like it here, I really did.